Welcome to P7 Ministries!

In 2015, the MD/DC District had 3 P7 Bible Clubs out of the 612 high schools within the boundaries of our District.

The following year, some young people in MD/DC caught hold of the burden and quadrupled the number of Bible Clubs to 12 P7 Clubs in our District, including 3 middle schools.

By 2018, MD/DC young people were spreading the gospel in nearly 30 active P7 Clubs in Public High Schools/Middle Schools, Private Schools, Public Libraries, and in their homes throughout the region (even into West Virginia).

During the 2017-18 school year, William Spriggs led a first time P7 Bible Club that grew to over 200+ students and had to be moved from a classroom to the cafeteria to the auditorium all within that same school year. The Bible Club included rival gang members and the number of school fights decreased significantly enough for the staff/faculty to meet about what had changed. Many more testimonies came out of one young man sacrificing his status as the Star Basketball player for his High School team to being a Star Soul Winner for the Kingdom of God!

During the 2018-19 school year, Annapolis High School had not one but two P7 Bible Clubs with one of them breaking barriers by being the first P7 entirely in Spanish to reach the Spanish speaking students!

Between 2017-2019, about 20 students have received the Holy Ghost, 10 have been baptized in Jesus name, numerous have been refilled, numerous have transitioned to one on one Bible Studies.


Rheyna Senior – “After I had a P7 for year, I didn’t have any intention of starting again the next year because I didn’t think there would be much interest.  To my surprise, students started coming up to me on the first day of school, asking me when would P7 start again because they can’t wait and they have other friends who want to come to the P7 meetings.  I was so surprised that people were begging me to start up the P7 again.”

William Spriggs – ““Senior year God called me to start a P7, but before I could start the P7 I had to give up basketball. After I gave up basketball God began to do amazing things inside the P7. We experienced rapid growth and by Christmas break we were moved to the cafeteria. Through the P7 I saw God do so many miracles. One of the most amazing miracles I saw was God opened the hand of this kid who had brain damage and was unable to use his right hand. Old Mill was known as a school that had a lot of fights, but the 6 months the P7 was running there were 0 fights. God did amazing things in the high school through Old Mill P7 club.”


Nathan Lettman
P7 Director