Welcome to the MDDC District Multicultural Ministry

The church was commissioned to “GO into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15 and to “GO and make disciples of all nations (panta ta ethne – “all ethnicities or peoples of the world”) Matt 28:19. God continues to bring the peoples of the world to our doorstep in the MDDC District.

Our vision is a church that includes ALL neighbors Matt 28:39 and values their cultures; “that all may be one” John 17:21

“GO and make disciples of all nations” is intimidating if you do not understand people and their culture. Multicultural Ministry is here to guide and equip you for your GO by facilitating effective outreach, relational evangelism, and discipleship for peoples of every culture and ethnicity, and people groups within North America.

To learn more, get involved, and be equipped for YOUR GO, we encourage you to check out our website.


Multicultural Ministry (MCM) Coordinators
Michael Jette



The first mission of the new short-term mission program, Cultivate, is open for applications now. Visit our websitecultivateyourmission.com to access the application and pastoral recommendation form.

Mission: Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Lakota Sioux Reservation

Mission Cost: $1,000

Mission Activities:

Church services on Pine Ridge Reservation | Church services in the jail | Feeding homeless and needy | Visit Mount Rushmore National Park | Crazy Horse Memorial | The Badlands.

Trip Missionary:

Stanley & Cynthia Wilt | Multicultural Missionaries to Native America and First Nations People

Ministry Team Involved:

Brocc Chavis, Director of Multicultural Ministries

Hiro Nishi, Cultivate Coordinator

Jeff Chavis, Director of Native American Ministries

Irvin Fields, SD District Superintendent

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