Welcome to Campus Ministry!

Acts 19:9 states that all of Asia heard the word after Paul preached every day for 2 years in the school of Tyrannus. This scripture reveals that one of the greatest breakthroughs in scripture revolves around a school. We believe very strongly, this is no coincidence but God was trying to reveal to us the importance of reaching our schools. This revelation shows that from one school, many cities and nations were fed, all of Asia. This is our hope and vision today, that from our universities and colleges, we will reach all of MDDC. Campus ministry is an evangelistic arm of the UPCI youth ministries to colleges and universities. The purpose and hope of MDDC campus ministry is to reach every campus in the Maryland/DC area with the gospel of Jesus Christ! Students attending these campuses from different churches will participate in holding bible studies, prayer meetings, evangelistic efforts and worship services on campus.

There are a few ways to structure a campus ministry. The two main avenues fall under structured or unstructured approaches. Structured is when you go through the campus student association by making your club a recognized student organization. This avenue will give you access to free rooms on campus, funds for your group and other benefits the school offers. This approach is recommended because of the opportunities to rooms and funds as long as their red tape is not effecting the doctrine or flow of ministry. An unstructured approach is typically recommended when there are only a few students on a particular campus (1-2). This avenue will focus on bible studies in public areas. The group may not be able to be a recognized group because of a lack of campus ministers. The schools expect a certain amount of signatures and officers in the ministry to make it officially recognized.

Regardless of the acquired structure, the principles that produce a successful campus ministry are consistent whether it be a university or community college. Those principles consist of persistent spiritual warfare prayer, aggressive boldness and evangelism and emphatic bible studies. With these three main principles exercised on a weekly basis, a campus ministry will undoubtedly in God’s timing witness a great harvest!

Our ultimate goal for campus ministry revolves around producing thriving campus ministries where Apostolic students can grow in their relationship with God and ministry and to reach the lost students. Campus ministry is one of the greatest training grounds. Students will experience strong demonic powers in their efforts and will be challenged difficult questions and beliefs from their classmates. Campus ministry is a ministry that will sharpen the Apostolic gifting and callings as they endeavor to tear down the strong spirits of these campuses and learn how to flow in ministry. In a way, these students are working as “church planters” on a smaller scale. They are learning principles that will follow them beyond graduation as they continue to fulfill their calling. We believe one day we will witness numerous church plants on college campuses across Maryland/DC. At this point, we have successfully launched one daughter work at University of Maryland.

Campus ministry is not limited to students. There are some who actively participate in campus ministry with a strong burden who are no longer students or never went to school. This ministry is readily available to anyone who feels the burden and has received their pastors consent.

How the ministry impacts the local church

Campus ministry is truly one of the greatest opportunities the church has ever seen. College campuses are unique in nature. Thousands of lost souls who are in the most critical season of life are searching for purpose. There are very few venues that attract people from all over the city, state, country and even the world to one place for an extended season. Numerous nations are represented on just about every college in the U.S. While we are trying to go into cities and countries to preach the gospel, which is certainly needed, we cannot bypass the fact that cities and countries come to us on a campus! If we would reach into a campus, we would also be reaching into cities and countries!!

If the church could truly see the potential then numerous churches in Maryland/DC would benefit from the fruit of campus ministry. We have already seen this happen on multiple levels.  Typically, there will be multiple churches working together with one vision on a campus to bring the harvest to pass. For instance, we have seen students saved from community colleges who were sent to universities and made a difference. We have seen students saved from the state university and plugged into multiple different churches throughout the district. One particular campus plugged numerous students into local churches a good distance from campus which now have some of those students in leadership positions greatly impacting the local church. Campus ministry is a kingdom minded ministry. Students, especially at a residential university, will be sent back home at some point to another local church who will directly benefit from their return home after receiving seeds of the gospel, or even better yet, salvation! The beauty of campus ministry is many churches will sow into this endeavor and many will reap!